JSU wants engagement local youths instead of skilled migrants

SHILLONG: Asserting that the local workers have the necessary skills to work in any of the job sectors, the Jaintia Students’ Union (JSU) has pointed out that local skilled youth will be displaced in the state in the event of arrival of highly-skilled migrant workers.

Referring to the decision of the government to allow highly skilled migrant workers to work in the state, Jaintia Students’ Union (JSU) in a letter written to the Chief Minister Conrad Sangma, said that though the union did not oppose such decision but the local youth would face unemployment in their own state considering that they have returned home as well.

The union asserted that the government should consider recruiting the highly skilled locals  before allowing highly-skilled migrant workers to work in the state.

“The Government must endorse the potential and capability of our youths today and provide them with better skills training so that one can work for the state and this itself would improve the human development of our state”, the union said.

On the other hand, the union pointed out that it was still unsafe for any state in the country to welcome any migrant worker due the Covid-19 outbreak and has requested the government to invest in the local youth instead.

“We therefore request the government to reconsider this decision of allowing migrant workers in our state and instead invest in developing our youths and making them more employable in the job market”, the union said.

The union has requested different companies or organisations here in the state to employ local youth who have returned from different parts of the country after normalcy is restored.

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