Ban of Chinese Apps

Predictably, China is incensed by the Indian government decision on Monday to ban 59 apps – mostly Chinese – including highly popular Tik Tok, WeChat, ShareIt etc. It is learnt that the red nation is verifying this development. The ban on the app, coming in the context of the new tensions on the northern border and killing of 20 Indian soldiers by Chinese PLA, is however linked to internal security concerns as the government has explained. It is safe to assume that both these contexts are behind the present decision.

Admittedly, several of these apps are being used by government departments as also private agencies and the general public. In the context of the Chinese offensive, the bonhomie of the recent past between the two nations is passé. China is virtually on the offensive in Ladakh as also elsewhere along the border, and a war-like situation is slowly developing. India is busy acquiring more defence might on an urgent basis, and both the countries are already sending in military reinforcements  — both manpower and equipment of the top order, anticipating a further worsening of the situation any time now. A spark can light the fire, any moment. This is all the more reason for India to be more on the alert against these Chinese apps.

It is easy to ban a set of about 60 Chinese apps altogether from India, but the problem that it would face is, there are no alternatives to look up to in respect of several of these, and India itself cannot produce them soon enough. Instead, if European, American or Japanese technology is to be adopted in IT or other fields too, problem is of the high cost factor. It is in this context that the government will be well-advised to take a clear view of matters before it bans more Chinese products, lest this nation faces serious consequences in terms of daily requirements.

The ban on nearly 60 apps, from the security context, is well-appreciated. At the same time, China was quick to take the stand that India is duty-bound to respect and stand by international trading agreements. China is bound to contest the Indian decision, and WTO and other global organisations will be brought into the picture from the Chinese side.

Notably, this ban is just a small step considering the overall trade China has with India. Very few Indian products reach China, and hence, the retaliation from the Chinese side too, which is quite likely, will have minimal impact on India.

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