Shama Sikander slays in her facetime photoshoots during the lockdown

The world is seeing some new norms and FaceTime shoot is one of them. Some aren’t liking it and resisting it while others are absolutely nailing it down like Shama Sikander. She has taken to the facetime shoots like fish to water and she is totally nailing the shoots. She looks incredibly gorgeous even without a dslr camera or a make up and costume team. “I mostly do my photoshoots these days on FaceTime. Of course it doesn’t give the results like a proper DSLR camera but It’s a new concept and sooner or later people will have to take to it. At least till the pandemic ends. I mostly do my costume and make up as well and the results have been as good as ever. People are loving these pictures . So that’s some validation that it’s going right. One has to adapt to change and FaceTime shoot is one in that direction. The situation doesn’t seem to ease off and we are all at crossroads in life thinking on the way ahead with the new norms. Let’s all stay safe and stay indoors as much as possible,” Sikander said. Sikander has a thing for change and she has adapted beautifully over time. Survival of the fittest is the norm and we will have to make do with these and carve our way ahead.

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