Recovering swag mood

Heart is but a wandering toy
Unlike to pendulate
Getting into battlefield
To be in league with hope
To dream bigger as could see
Riding beneath the sky
Petty possibilities ours
Unlike a bud gone wild
That could have grown before
Being late on planet earth
A confluence good and bad
Life is but cherishing light
Recovering swag mood of delight.

Pranjit Sarma

The bliss of lockdown

With coronavirus playing its game,
The word ‘lockdown’ took its blame;
The poor, the needy, the rich and the fame,
All over the world are experiencing the same.

The word ‘family’, which has lost its name,
The value of self-centeredness was put to shame;
The love that one never understood,
Is seen in every corner of our neighbourhood.

Being lockdown doesn’t mean the end,
But we understand one’s life is not permanent;
As church being closed, worshippers remain
Our house turns into church and needs to remain open.

The skies become clearer with no pollution,
The impact of lockdown paves way for temporary solution;
With the earth healing itself, I urge for an action,
As responsible citizen, let us all heal our nation.

Fuels like petrol, diesel were not in demand,
Less vehicles on the road and no traffic jam;
No worries, no busy schedules, no early morning alarm,
We can sleep for extra hours to keep our mind calm.

Children enjoying studies with e-learning being introduced,
Parents taking teacher’s role with home lesson to infuse;
Spending quality time with family and just few,
Watching TV all the times updating with news.

When the world awaits for the grand re-opening,
Are we ready to start with a new beginning?
Sound check, light check, choral hyms as we sang,
Lockdown will not be lifted without a bang.

Cleric Jayden Wanniang, Class VIII

Remembering old days

In the east-the sun brightly shines,
The cold weather slowly declines,
Hear the sweet voices from the pines,
The beautiful bird’s song in lines.
The sky is clear and beautiful,
I look around-my heart’s cheerful,
Trees in the hills are colourful,
That brings happiness to the full.
Children shouts, sings and run around,
While running some falls to the ground,
They’re playing and running round and round,
Sweet memories lost but I found.
It takes me down the memory lane,
When they play and enjoy the game,
In the lap of nature’s beauty,
Spend the days and enjoy freely.
I wish I’d live those moments again,
Cherish those dreams to regain,
Flashbacks that removes my heart’s pain,
Oh let me be there to remain.
Those days were the happiest one,
Embrace the joy we always want,
Always playing around with someone,
It’s none other than my dearest one.

TR Marak

Lessons of nature

Never before did the birds sing more sweetly;
Never before did the animals move more freely;
Never before did we know that there’s music in the air;
All this happened amidst a lockdown.

The pitter-patter of the rain on the roof;
This is what I call ‘The forest Groove’
The beautiful sky, with clouds I see…
This is what I’ve always wanted nature to be…

My dear friends! Hark the alarm bells ring!
Nature is healing itself;
This is nature’s calling to us!
That nature should be loved and it is a MUST!

Abigail Donna Shangpliang,
Class V

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