Saffron party MDC gets berth in NPP-led Executive Committee

From Cosmas Sangma

TURA: In the midst of an ongoing confrontation between the state BJP and the NPP over allegations of central fund misappropriation in the Jaintia and Garo Hills Autonomous district councils, a BJP MDC has been accommodated by the ruling NPP alliance as an Executive Member in the GHADC.
Chief Executive Member and NPP leader Dipul Marak dropped rebel EM Nripendra Koch from his ministry and replaced him with BJP member Wenison Marak after the governor cleared the appointment, according to a notification dated September 16 that was released on Tuesday.
Koch, who was elected to the council on a Congress ticket switched sides and was rewarded with the transport portfolio. He fell from the NPP good books when he sided with a joint opposition consisting of BJP and Congress MDCs in an unsuccessful bid to bring down the Dipul Marak EC, several months ago.
With the appointment of Wenison Marak the BJP now has two members in the executive committee of the GHADC.
Sitting BJP member Bhupendra Hajong remains Executive Member for Rural Development whereas the new entrant has been given charge of the Tourism department.
Interestingly, the new BJP EM, Wenison Marak, was recently booked by wildlife department in Garo Hills for killing two rare and endangered species of birds whose pictures he had boldly put up on social media leading to widespread backlash and forcing him to go into hiding before ultimately surrendering to authorities.
Marak was elected as a member of the Garo National Party but joined the BJP with four other MDCs before BJP leader Nalin Kohli in Guwahati, last December.
Interestingly, as the state BJP contemplates a withdrawal of support to the NPP over the contentious issue of fund misappropriation, clearly the elected party MDCs don’t appear to be on the same wave length with their party leaders.
While, on one hand, the BJP leadership in the state talks tough against corruption, on the other its elected members appear to be making a beeline for portfolios in the ruling dispensation.

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