Headmen ask DC to put villages under Mawkyrwat jurisdiction

MAWKYRWAT, Nov 20: The Myntris (headmen) of Sarin, Nongkynbah and Nongpdengkenbah villages under Ranikor C&RD Block, on Friday, sought the intervention of South West Khasi Hills Deputy Commissioner C Kharkongor in transferring the three villages to the jurisdiction of Mawkyrwat C&RD Block from Ranikor.
Speaking to media persons after meeting, Myntri of Sarin village, Blossding W Wanniang, said that the prime reason behind their demand is the fact that the three villages are approximately 25 km away from Mawkyrwat, while the distance from Ranikor is around 50 km.
Maintaining that Mawkyrwat is the hub for meeting the daily needs of the public, especially marketing the agricultural products from the area, Wanniang said, “With roads getting better, Mawkyrwat has now become nearer, but to go to Ranikor, we have to hire vehicles”.
He lamented that pensioners and beneficiaries of small grants have to book vehicles to travel to Ranikor which nearly eats up their income from such benefits.
He informed that the DC has assured them to take up the matter seriously with the government.

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