Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Tynsong tickled on interstate boundary row


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SHILLONG, Jan 31: Congress legislator Ampareen Lyngdoh on Sunday said if Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong can solve the Meghalaya-Assam boundary dispute without the Centre’s intervention, he should give the people of the state the map they are looking for.
“I wish the Deputy Chief Minister the very best. If he does not need a mother to intervene when two brothers or sisters are fighting, he should give us the land we say is ours and end the problems in Langpih or Block-II areas,” she told The Shillong Times.
Lyngdoh, who represents the East Shillong constituency, was reacting to Tynsong’s optimism about solving the interstate boundary row after Union Home Minister Amit Shah told the north-eastern states to solve the vexed issue amicably. “Let this government take the lead in settling the problem amicably. The people want results as they have been waiting for almost 50 years. We will give them a pat on the back if they are able to resolve the issue,” she said.
Lyngdoh, however, said the Centre cannot dismiss the interstate border issue by saying the north-eastern states should sort things out on their own. She reminded
“If two states can solve disputes without arbitration, why were boundary commissions set up? We need the (Centre’s) intervention to ensure that the sister states involved get a proper political map,” she said, adding that Meghalaya does not have the right map.


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