ILP will harm Meghalaya: Guv

SHILLONG, Feb 4: Meghalaya Governor, Satya Pal Malik has asserted that the implementation of Inner-Line Permit (ILP) would be counter-productive for the state even as he said he has no objection to the travel document that seeks to protect the indigenous communities.
“I have not understood how ILP will help the people of Meghalaya. You will have no investment, no tourism. It will be harmful as per my assessment,” the Governor said on Thursday while making it clear it is the Centre’s prerogative to take a call on the matter.
Pointing out that all dhabas and several shops along the Shillong-Sohra and Shillong-Guwahati road are closed as a result of which poor people are suffering, he felt nobody would come to Meghalaya after the implementation of ILP in the state.
He, however, said he has no objection to the ILP if it is required to protect the locals.
According to the Governor, the ILP would be redundant if the Meghalaya Residents Safety and Security Act (MRSSA) is implemented.
“Had I been the Chief Minister, I would have pleaded with the Centre for MRSSA before thinking about ILP,” he said.
The Governor also said an Act like MRSAA cannot be implemented without the support of the Centre, which needs to be prodded for its implementation.
The state government has to discuss the MRSSA, lying with the Centre for its assessment, before the Governor can give his assent to it.
Reminding that he has already given his assent to the Labourers Registration Bill without any hesitation, Malik maintained that there is no imminent threat to the indigenous population of Meghalaya but MRSSA can be passed.
The Governor had earlier said people can always ask the government to fulfil their demands through dialogues.
“I have appealed to the boys here not to threaten every third day… You will reach nowhere through violence and threatening,” he said, reminding that 50,000 people died in Kashmir and they are in the same position today as they were 60-70 years ago.

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