Nayaab Suhel

This is a story of a little girl called Alice. Aliceand her parents had shifted to UK from India shortly. They had admitted her in a dance school which was barely a few kilometers away from her home.Her parents used to pick her up every day at 6:30 pm while returning from office. But one day they were late.

As such,Alicedecided to pass her time by playing in a garden nearby. There she spotted a mysterious looking ladder resting against a creepy looking tree!Outof curiosity, she started climbing the treein order to explore what was above. She kept on climbing and climbing until she realized that she had landed on a peculiar surface which was white. For a moment she was confused and when she looked around, she realized that she was on the moon. But it was completely different from what she had read in books! There was a soft breeze blowing and she could feel it gently touching her face. She realized that she could walk normally. She saw several creatures playing around joyfully. She could see people catching the stars just as people do fishing on earth and were collecting the stars in a basket. But something spectacular caught her eyes. She could see white smoke coming out of a huge cauldron! Witches were dancing and singingaround it in a frenzy! Then she understood that those smokes were rushing towards the earth as clouds in order to fall down as rain. When she went near the witches, they tried to catch her and put her in the cauldron. Alicestruggled to free herself from the clutches of the witches. Just then, she heard a voice, “STOP!! Let her go!”. Aliceturned around to see a beautifulwoman, wearing a white flowing gown, sitting in a chariot, driven by two white rabbits. The witches let go off Aliceat once and bowed to the lady so low that their nose touched the ground. The lady said in a calm voice, “Do not be afraid Alice, I am the moon goddess Luna. Your parents are waiting for you on the earth”. Saying this, she waved her wand and murmured something in a jiffy.Alicefound herself in the garden from where she had climbed on to the ladder. She turned around and saw her parents rushing towards her. Everything happened so quickly that she could not understand. She turned back and saw that the ladder was gone. She looked at the moon and saw Lunawinking at her. She knew no would believe her. So, she smiled to herself and went back home, happily, with her parents.

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