Synjuk to protect tourist spots in SWKH

MAWKYRWAT, Feb 22: The Synjuk ki Seng Samla Shnong, South West Khasi Hills, has decided to safeguard all tourist spots as well as take up other issues concerning the district.
Chairman of the Synjuk ki Seng Samla Shnong, Wallambok Syiemiong, said that the Synjuk has decided to continue with the initiative to protect rivers and water sources, particularly Sala River (Phot-Umnew), which is the main source of water supply for Mawkyrwat.
With the presence of Seng Samla Shnong in every village in South West Khasi Hills, the Synjuk also decided to protect the tourist spots by maintaining cleanliness and by conserving and promoting natural resources.
In the past few months, the Synjuk, in collaboration with the Police department and District Social Welfare Office (DSWO), had organised awareness programmes and anti-drugs campaigns at Jashiar, Mawthawpdah, Mawkyrwat and Umjarain village.
Syiemiong informed that the Synjuk has also requested the selection committees, which look after recruitments within the district, to give preference to the educated youths.
“We have also decided to work hand in hand with the Dorbar Shnongs to maintain peace and tranquility within all villages,” he said.

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