A horrific incident


The horrific incident that took place at Umoid Village, South West Khasi Hills is shameful and disquieting. Our state has been and still is making a lot of noise over the need to curb the entrance of non-tribal labourers into our state. Proper documents must be procured by contractors who need to rope in labourers from outside the state. Sadly, what happened at St. Xavier’s Campus was nothing but a show of might by ill- informed uneducated goons. When these labourers have with them permissions to work why were they still brutally attacked at the dead of the night? The miscreants were armed which means that they came with intentions to cause harm and rob lives. Subjected to this violence the workers were injured and bruised and unfortunately, the 20 year old labourer succumbed to his injuries. Sadly what is left of him for his family members to embrace is a cold lifeless body of their son. 15-20 armed men is not a small number. Though three have been detained, will the miscreants be brought to book and be punished? They should but when, how and where are questions that will linger. The fact remains that this sad, despicable act has happened in our state amidst times when what is more required is sensitivity, information and knowledge. This is yet another stumbling block on the way to progress for the all work in Umoid will be put on hold. Alas! For the lack of sense of a few, the majority stand to lose!

Yours etc.,

Jenniefer Dkhar,

Via email

Biden’s China policy


US   President Joe  Biden  spelt  out   the   priorities  for  foreign  policy  recently.  The  USA  wants  to  return  to  active  global  engagement,  work  closely  with  allies,  promote  multilateralism  and  uphold  democratic  values  and  human  rights.  Biden  acknowledged  China  as  a  strong  competitor  and  Russia  as  a  threat.  With  regard  to  specific  issues,  Biden  announced  an  end  to  US  support  to  Saudi  Arabia  in  the  civil  war  in  Yemen  and  revive  the  Iran  nuclear  deal.  Considering  that  Biden  has  appointed  a  key  adviser,  Kurt  Campbell  for  the  Indo-Pacific,  it  evident  that  the  region  is  of  enormous  importance  to  the  US.  Further,  the  third  ministerial  meeting  of  Quad  was  convened  at  the  request  of  Secretary  of  State.

Biden  elaborated  on  his  foreign  policy  at  the  Munich  Security  Conference.  He  announced  his  intention  to  revive  transatlantic  alliances.  It  is  reasonable  to  assume  that  the  US-Europe  alliance,  particularly  NATO  will  occupy  a  central  place  in  Biden’s  foreign  policy.  However,  it  remains  to  be seen  whether  the  Europeanswill  respond.  Key  European  countries  have  interests  different  from   that of  the  US  on   the   issues of  competition  with  China  and  the  threat  from  Russia.

Biden’s  speech  is  reflective  of  his  China  policy.  According  to  him,   one  must  prepare  for  long-term  strategic  competition  with  China.  However,  he  sees  Chinese  threat  more  in  economic  than  in  security  terms.  Obviously, Biden’s  Indo-Pacific  strategy  is  directed  towards  China.

China  has released  statements  in  reaction  to  the    US  foreign  policy.  The  Chinese  Foreign  minister  has  called  for  a  reset  in  US-China  relations  and  a  withdrawal  of  all  the  tariffs  and  trade  measures  imposed  on  China  by  Trump. With  regard  to  Quad,  Chinese  media  attempted  to  trivialize  the  latest  meeting.  According  to  China,  there  is  no  prospect  of  Quad  emerging  as  a  an “ Asian  NATO”.  With  regard  to  India’s  intention  to  join  Quad,   Global  Times  editorial  claims  that it  is  not  in  India’s  interest  to  completely  tie  itself  to  the  US.  China  has  accused  India  of  having  gone  over  to  the  dark (American)  side. It  expects  India  to  continue  its policy of non-alignment.  It  can  be  assumed  that  Biden’s  foreign  policy  and  India’s  intention  to   work  closely  with  the  US  have  prompted  China  to take   a  hasty  decision  to  withdraw  its  troops  from  India-_China  border  and   to  change  track.

Yours  etc.,


 Kollam – 78

FDI from China?


 It is reported in several newspapers and in the electronic media that the Union Government is looking at easing restrictions for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) from China by allowing companies from the bordering country to invest up to 25% in Companies in India through the automatic route. It also means that Chinese FDI can further increase if approved. This is in addition to the news that VIVO would be the sponsor for the next edition of IPL for Cricket.

In the recent past, India had extremely serious threat to its internal security, best certified by the events in Galwan Valley and other places. India lost many brave soldiers because of aggression by China. Though the military de-escalation process has started, it is in the preliminary stages, and most experts have warned that it would be unwise to believe that China would go back to the original positions it occupied prior to the recent conflicts. Because of certain constraints as also weaknesses, China has taken advantages in  many sectors including in Arunachal Pradesh, Akshai Chin, Ladakh, and Sikkim to name a few. China definitely has been a much bigger threat to India compared to Pakistan. And, it continues to be.

Further, in business and commerce, the trade surplus is hugely in favour of China, and China’s export to India, at present, is at least 3 times more than Indian exports to China. Many industries and businesses in India are almost in control of Chinese companies. The mobile phone industry, for example, is dominated by Chinese Companies, and these have almost killed the Indian mobile handset makers.

And in this context, the move to favour Chinese FDI in India is extremely puzzling. The people of India must be made aware of the deal struck with China as also the steps to open its heart to Chinese FDI, which may harm Indian interests- trade, defence and internal security to name a few.

Yours etc.,

 D Bhutia,

Guwahati – 24

LDA recruitment by DSC


As a follow up to the above subject in the letters to the editor (ST Feb 24, 2021), I would reiterate that there is something fishy in the recruitment of the LD assistants conducted by the District Selection Committee (DSC), East Khasi Hills. The system is that those who cleared the written test should sit for the typing speed test. This is understandable and logical but the manner in which the scores of the candidates during the typing tests are monitored by them and not allowed to be entered by the candidates is a clear case of manipulation by the DSC. In other exams the scores in the typing tests are shown there and then and this makes the candidates satisfied that at least there is transparency and we know how to rate ourselves but the way DSC conducted this test made us doubt the very system.

Why at this point of time are we asked to check the marks scored in the test? Are the marks manipulated? Can we trust the system? Can we get justice? The best candidates are being discarded as always. Who is responsible for this corruption? Will the DSC answer?

Yours etc.,


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