KSU questions police inability to nab assailants

SHILLONG, March 28: The Khasi Students Union (KSU) on Sunday questioned the state police for their failure in making any breakthrough in the assault of three Khasi youths at Golf Links, one of whom succumbed to his injuries on Sunday.
The Union also stressed that police should apply the same yardstick in dealing with cases related to assault of either Khasis or non-Khasis in the state.
“It is surprising that already one week has passed but the police department has not identified any of the assailants and are clueless on the matter,” KSU president Lambokstar Marngar said.
“The union cannot be just a silent spectator to the incident and will set up its own inquiry committee and find those involved in the assault to ensure that such incidents do not recur in the state,” he said.
Lamenting the manner in which the case is being handled by the authorities, Marngar said, “If any Khasi quarrels with non-Khasis, the police department is prompt in arresting those involved. They arrest Khasi youths and highlight their achievements in the media with not only the names but pictures of the arrested persons.”
“We expect and hope that the government would act accordingly so that those involved do not go scot free,” he said, while making it clear that if police fail to arrest the perpetrators of the crime, it will work as an encouragement for others to repeat such incidents from time to time.
Blaming the state government for not putting in place a full-fledged mechanism to check the entry of people into the state, the KSU president observed, “If the government can operate an entry point in Byrnihat or any other border area in the state as per the MRSSA, the police department will have a record of all people entering and leaving the state.”
“It is a wakeup call for the state government to address the mechanism to control influx,” he added.
On the death of one of the victims, the KSU president said the Union has expressed their condolence to the bereaved family.
Public rally at Mawkyrwat
The KSU South West Khasi Hills district unit will organise a public rally on March 31 at Mawkyrwat to condemn the assault resulting in the death of a youth.
President of KSU SWKH unit, Forwardman Nongrem, has requested all religious organisations, NGOs and individuals from across the state to participate in the rally to condemn the incident and to demand justice for the victim.

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