Vaccination only protection against COVID, experts say

SHILLONG, April 20: Indian Institute of Public Health (IIPH) Epidemiologist, Dr Rajeev Sarkar on Tuesday appealed citizens to get themselves vaccinated, saying that vaccination was necessary as it would help to reduce the severity of the infection if anyone contracts the virus.
“We will still need to take adequate precautions even after we are vaccinated,” Dr Sarkar told reporters.
According to him, those who have been vaccinated might not show signs and symptoms of COVID-19 but there is still a chance that the virus might be transmitted to others.
“Studies have shown that the risk of getting virus decreases when people get vaccinated. It does not mean there are zero chances,” he stated.
Meanwhile, DHS (MI) Aman War said that the government will give thrust to the vaccination drive in the urban areas and the exercise will be extended to rural areas once the urban areas have been covered.
According to him, the battle against the pandemic would end only after everyone is vaccinated. “We should not harbour doubts about the vaccine and take the vaccine before it is too late,” Dr War added.
Meanwhile, NEIGRIHMS pulmonologist, Dr. Vijay Nongpyiur said that various pharmaceutical companies which are producing the vaccine are claiming that the overall efficacy of COVID-19 vaccine is 91 per cent.
“This is really good news since the efficacy of influenza vaccine is around 40 to 60 per cent. People are willing to taking the influenza vaccine despite its efficacy not being very high,” Dr. Nongpyiur said.
He further asserted that people should get themselves vaccinated since it is the only means of protection against COVID-19.

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