Indian Coast Guard rescues 8 fishermen off Karaikal coast

Chennai, April 22 : Indian Coast Guard rescued eight fishermen, whose fishing boat was drifting away from the shore off Karaikal after engine failure, an official statement said on Thursday.
According to the statement, Coast Guard ship Ameya, patrolling off the Karaikal coast received a distress message on radio from the fishing boat, stranded approximately 15 nautical miles due to machinery breakdown
With the boat drifting away from the shore due to weather, the Coast Guard ship rushed to the spot and towed the boat to safety.
Noting that the incident once again highlights the disadvantages of fishing boats venturing out alone, the Coast Guard advised fishermen to therefore undertake fishing in groups, adhering to safe practices at sea and carry adequate life-saving appliances and communication equipment onboard.(IANS)

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