Women folk hold protest against engineer accused of immoral activity

TURA, July 27: Hundreds of women folk from Kharkutta and Adokgre region of North Garo Hills held a rally on Monday seeking action against a PWD engineer working as an overseer for indulging in immoral activity that led to a confrontation and subsequent arrest of three youth for assaulting him and the two women.
Women from Adokgre marked through the main thoroughfares of the area carrying banners and placards demanding action against the officer and release of the three men.
“They are not sisters but involved in flesh trade, he has lied to authorities” mentioned placards.
“We want stern action against him and removal from Adokgre,” another placard mentioned as the women folk have warned that they will not allow the official to remain in their area after bringing disrepute by indulging in immoral activities.
On Thursday night, youth from Adokgre barged into the official quarter of the officer R N Marak and finding him in an alleged compromising position with two women assaulted all three.
The officer filed a police complaint claiming that one of the girls was his cousin sister while the other was her friend.
In the light of the assault police arrested three of the accused.
Photo caption: Women folk hold protest rally against arrest of three men and demand action against engineer accused of immoral activity. Photos contributed by public

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