First Covid death in almost two weeks in Garo Hills

TURA: After being free of deaths from covid for close to two weeks in Garo Hills, the pandemic has once again struck taking the life of a 30 year old woman from Jengjal, 30 kms from Tura, on Friday morning.
The victim,  who was comorbid and had not been vaccinated developed symptoms of fever and generalised weakness for two days and a RAT test for covid on the 18th of this month turned out positive.
She was admitted to Tura Civil Hospital but complications arose leading to her demise nine days later.
Meanwhile, covid positive cases in Garo Hills continue to fall for the past couple of weeks.
The total active cases in West Garo Hills stood at just 115 on Friday, a huge drop in comparison to previous weeks whwn active numbers were hovering in the several hundreds.
Even the new positive cases have fallen to single digits on Friday. Medical teams recorded only seven new positive cases across the district as the weekend approached.  Even Tura Civil Hospital which use to see numbers in double digits on a daily basis has, of late, been seeing a dip in cases. Only three cases were found during routine screening of new patients to the hospital.

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