Transport arrangements for upcoming week in EKH


SHILLONG, August 29: Taking cognizance of the high number of cases in East Khasi Hills, and in the interest of regulating movement within the district to prevent transmission of COVID-19 from one area to another, the following arrangement is made for private and public transport for the week from 30th August, 2021 to 4th September, 2021 from 5:00 AM to 7:00 PM as per details indicated below:-

I. For Shillong Urban Agglomeration and Adjoining Areas @ 50% per day:-
City Bus, Mini Bus including SSTS & SPTS Buses, Local Taxi, Auto-Rickshaw and Maxi Cabs (SSPTS) will ply as per arrangement given below and only within Shillong Urban Agglomeration and adjoining areas only, i.e., areas falling within
i. Whole of Municipality Area
ii. Whole of Cantonment Area
iii. All Census Towns and villages under Mawlai C & RD Block
iv. All Census Towns and villages under Mawpat C & RD Block
v. Areas under Mylliem C & RD Block

Monday, Wednesday & Friday for Public Transport – Vehicles ending with 0, 2, 4, 6 & 8

Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday for Public Transport – Vehicles ending with 1, 3, 5, 7 & 9

II. Private transport is permitted @ 50% per day as per arrangement given below:-
Monday, Wednesday & Friday for Private Transport – Vehicles ending with 0, 2, 4, 6 & 8

Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
Private Transport – Vehicles ending with 1, 3, 5, 7 & 9

III. Areas falling within Sohra and Pynursla (Civil) Sub-Division and Mawryngkneng, Mawkynrew, Mawsynram, Sohiong and Mawphlang C & RD Blocks @ 50% per day:-
(a) Plying of vehicles within the Sub-Divisions and C & RD Blocks will be regulated by the
respective SDO(C) and BDO on a rotational odd-even basis.
(b) Movement into Shillong Urban Agglomeration and its adjoining areas for any type of vehicle
will only be for essential reasons and with passes duly obtained from the SDO (C) and BDO

IV. Seating capacity for public transport will be strictly adhered to as follows:-

Vehicles Seating Capacity
Bus, Mini Bus, SSTS, SPTS – 50% or not more than 2 + 16
Local Taxi 1+3
Auto Rickshaw 1 + 2
SSPTS 1 + 5

V. Movement of commercial vehicles into East Khasi Hills District will be permitted from 1st September, 2021 and regulated vide separate order.

VI. Vaccination Status should be clearly indicated on the vehicles as per this office order No. C&S.2/CVD/2021/ORD/159, dated 24th June, 2021.

VII. Wearing of double mask or N-95 is mandatory, even for a single person driving a vehicle. In case of persons travelling in any private car, wearing of double mask or N-95 is also mandatory for all the persons. Use of sanitizers is mandatory. Proper ventilation of the vehicle is advisable.

VIII. All Public transport authorities shall strictly enforce COVID-19 appropriate behavior and seating inside the vehicles.

Violation of any norms and advisories of the Government of Health and Family Welfare Department and this office will be liable for action as per Law by the appropriate authority.