No police case on us made us commit crime: Mysuru gang rape accused tell police

MYSURU (Karnataka) August 30 : Shocking details are coming out in the investigation of the Mysuru gang rape case. The accused, as per police sources, have told them that they were encouraged by the fact that after committing crimes, including molestations in Mysuru, no complaint was ever lodged against them by the victims.

The gang rape which took place on August 24 in Mysuru made national headlines. The accused dragged a college-going girl while she was with her male friend to an isolated place near the Chamundi foothills. They attacked her friend and demanded a ransom of Rs 3 lakh. The police arrested five accused on Saturday (August 28) from Tamil Nadu, including a juvenile and are investigating the crime. The victim, who came to study from Maharashtra, has not recorded her statement as she still continues to be in mental trauma.

However, the free run of the accused could be halted after a woman, who lost her cell phone lodged a complaint two years ago, sources said.

Sources also said that the detection of the criminals was possible as one of their victims had lodged a miscellaneous complaint for mobile robbery. The woman has asked the police to retrieve the SIM card. She had mentioned in the complaint that she did not want the handset as it was too old, sources add.

After the gang rape case, the investigators have collected all the details of robbery cases in the city and matched details. One of the accused was using the cell phone and it was traced as an IMEI number was available with the police, sources said.

The police have produced the accused before the court and have taken them into custody. Their medical tests have also been conducted. The accused have told police that they presumed Mysuru to be the safest city to commit crimes as none of their victims dared to lodge a police complaint.

Sources said the accused have confessed to the investigating team that they thought this gang rape case victim would also not lodge a police complaint. The gang rape accused have confessed to having committed many cases of road robberies and molestations in Mysuru.

Police sources said, one of the accused rapists was jailed for murdering the father of a girl he loved in Tamil Nadu. Another accused turned psycho after being dumped by three of his girlfriends and indulged in molestation and sexual assaults on gullible women and girls all through.

Meanwhile, the parents of a few accused persons in Tamil Nadu were not found to have any clue on the crime their sons had committed.

The investigating team is expected to take the accused rapists to the scene of crime to conduct spot investigation on Monday. Further investigation is on.

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