Kerala couple protest before Secretariat for ‘missing’ baby

Thiruvananthapuram, Oct 23 (IANS)¬†Students’ Federation of India activist and CPI(M) local committee member P.S. Jayachandran’s daughter Anupama and her husband on Saturday sat on a day-long huger protest in front of the secretariat demanding return of their child, who was “forcefully” taken away, allegedly by her parents, soon after delivery as they did not approve of their relationship.

“I have lost faith in the police and also the Kerala State Women’s Commission. This is a protest not against any party, we want to get back our baby,” said Anupama, just before she began her protest, with a banner which reads, where is my child?

Incidentally, this protest happens at the same time the CPI-M’s topmost committees are meeting in Delhi and have left Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and all the top state leaders in a piquant position.

Twenty-two-year-old Anupama, hailing from the state capital city, has been running from pillar to post to get back her child, who, she claimed, was taken away by her parents in October, immediately after she gave birth at a hospital here.

Anupama fell in love with the youth wing leader of the party — Ajith, a Dalit Christian, who was already married.

Her parents were not keen on the alliance of their daughter as they are Hindus.

After Ajith got officially divorced early this year, the two have been living together.

The first person in the CPI-M that Anupama complained to was politbureau member Brinda Karat and on Saturday, just before her crucial party meeting began, she told the media in Delhi that a crime has been committed.

“A baby has been taken away and this is a tragedy of immense propositions. What happened is totally wrong and inhuman. She should get her baby back,” said Karat.

The CPI-M has been “jolted” as the Child Welfare Committee and the police have all turned a blind eye to the couple’s complaint which is now more than six months old and it was not until the media raked up the issue last week, did things turn slightly in favour of Anupama.

Acting secretary of the CPI-M in Kerala A. Vijayaraghavan also in Delhi taking part in the party meeting, who was also petitioned by the young couple, said this has now become a legal issue now and the party is with her.

Lashing out at Vijayan was Congress Lok Sabha member K. Muraleedharan who said this incident is a shame for the Chief Minister.

“It is sad that a mother has to stage a protest to get her child back. It is a shame for Vijayan. Also, we all want to know where are all the so called social activists who are always seen and heard commenting on issues, but are yet to speak a word on this incident. This is shameful,” said Muraleedharan.

Meanwhile, the police, who come under heavy attack in the way they remained mute spectators, have decided to take statements from Anupama’s parents, her sister and husband and two friends of her father.

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