Petrol would cost Rs 10 per litre in future: Goa BJP leader

Panaji, Oct 26 : With the central government aggressively pursuing green energy, petrol prices would drop down to Rs 10 in the country in future, Goa BJP general secretary Damu Naik said on Tuesday.

Addressing a press conference in Panaji, Naik also said that petrol was expensive because it had to be imported into India, unlike tomatoes which are locally produced and can even be distributed free of cost, if there is an abundant crop.

“Understand the issue. The rate at which we are progressing and the speeding pace of development, petrol will not be sold at Rs 100 (in the future), but at Rs 20 or Rs 10,” Naik told a press conference in Panaji.

“Why is he (Prime Minister Narendra Modi) focussing on green energy and solar energy? You have to think about these issues. PM is pushing for solar energy to phase out coal,” Naik said, while commenting on the rising fuel prices, which have touched nearly Rs 104 for a litre of petrol in Goa.

Naik also offered the analogy of locally grown tomatoes, while explaining why imported fuel cost more in comparison.

“We do not produce petrol. Petrol is imported and sold here. We can sell the produce generated here like tomatoes. If tomatoes are in excess, they can even be given free of cost… Not petrol,” Naik said.(IANS)

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