Notable rulings of Speakers under 10th Schedule

~ In August 1989, the then Speaker of the House, Peter Marbaniang disqualified Lekinson Sangma for violating the party whip. He was an MLA of Hills People Union.

~ On August 7, 1991 when the then Speaker of Meghalaya Legislative Assembly, PR Kyndiah disqualified five independent MLAs. An interim order was issued by the speaker for the suspension of voting rights of the five MLAs and they were asked to submit their clarification before giving their ruling. Later, on August 17, Kyndiah issued the disqualification order against the five MLAs including Dr Donkupar Roy, MD Shira, Simon Siangshai, M Agitok and Chamberlin Marak, who belonged to the ruling MUPP. The then Speaker observed that they cannot be in any other political party since they were independent members.

~ On June 22, 1999, the then Speaker EK Mawlong recognized a split in INC and a new party, Meghalaya Congress Legislature Party was recognised.

~ In November 2001, even the UDP split and Meghalaya United Democratic Party was formed under the leadership of BB Lyngdoh and the then Speaker, ED Marak in the same month recognized the new party.

~ On 16 March, 2009, Speaker BM Lanong, passed an interim order for suspension of Dr Adviser Pariong, Paul Lyngdoh, Sanbor Shullai, Ismail R Marak, Limison D Sangma and on April 8, 2009, he passed disqualification order of the five MLAs under the 10th schedule.
~ In December 2009. AL Hek, who was the lone BJP member at that time, submitted a petition to the Speaker that the BJP is merging with INC and the Speaker that time, issued an order recognizing the merger of BJP with INC.
~ In December 2013, the then Speaker, MM Danggo recognized the split of NCP after which a new political party known as Meghalaya Nationalist Congress Party was recognized.
~ In November 2011 when KHNAM led by Paul Lyngdoh merged with UDP but no decision could be taken as the rival party had filed a petition before the Chief Election Officer and the matter is yet to be resolved.

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