Avoid stereotyping a party: Mukul

By Our Reporter

SHILLONG, Dec 17: All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) leader, Mukul Sangma asked the rival political parties in the state to get out of the cocoon mentality.
He was reacting to the statements of some leaders who termed the AITC as “Bangla party”.
He said one should be cautious about using nomenclatures such as Bengali party, Khasi party, Garo party, Hindu party etc.
“Who was the first president of the Congress in 1885 when it was established? It was WC Bonnerjee. Did people that time say the INC is a Bengali party  and they are not going to join the freedom movement? Everybody joined the freedom movement and we achieved freedom,” Sangma said.
Stating that India derives its strength from unity in diversity, he called upon everyone to be inclusive as exclusion is the worst thing in democracy.
“We must be seen as receptive and accommodative in the spirit of togetherness. We must have a sense of oneness among Khasis, Jaintias, Garos and other communities and we must come together to build the state and contribute to the growth of the nation,” he said.
Asked about people’s positive response to the AITC in Garo Hills, Sangma said there are many things happening but did not elaborate.
He, however, hinted that several leaders are willing to join the AITC and they will do it in style. He added that the AITC would step up its activities in the state after the harvesting season is over.

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