BJP has a dissident group, admits Mawrie

SHILLONG, Jan 13: State BJP president, Ernest Mawrie on Thursday admitted there is a dissident group in the party but maintained that it is not a time to fight but work together to win more seats in the Assembly elections, due next year.
“There are no differences. I agree that there is a dissident group but whatever statement I give is on behalf of the party. It is clear we don’t have time to fight. Let’s work together and win more seats in the elections,” Mawrie said.
Disciplinary action, including suspension, has already been taken against some for dissidence. Some like KC Boro joined the Congress while others may join some other party, he said.
On reports that some in the party are demanding his removal, Mawrie said, “It is their wish. Some may say that but I have always said the door is open. If they have any grievances, they can come and discuss. If they go to press, we cannot stop them.”
Earlier this month, BJP’s national vice president and Meghalaya in-charge, Dr M Chuba Ao had admitted to the rift in the party over the leadership issue.
After a silence of five months, the dissident group re-launched its campaign for Mawrie’s ouster. According to party sources, 15 BJP leaders from the North Garo Hills Committee tendered their resignation due to the rift.

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