Speculation about new alliances in GH runs rife

Social media post of MDCs keeps grave vine abuzz

TURA, Jan 20: A social media post by one of the NPP MDCs has led to speculation amongst the grapevine of many jumping camps and new alliances being forged.
The photo, posted on Facebook by Nathual Marak, an independent MDC aligned with the ruling NPP coalition, shows Stevie Marak, the AITC MDC, who till recently was an avid Mukul Sangma supporter, joining the rival camp. Seen along with him in the same frame is the Shyamnagar MDC, Habibuz Zaman, also of the AITC. What is even more remarkable in the entire photo is those of the missing NPP MDCs.
Senior NPP MDC, MLA and current CEM, Benedic Marak, is noticeable by his absence while another NPP MDC, Dhormonath Sangma, is also missing.
While there is confirmation from the AITC camp that Stevie has actually made the move to the rival camp, Zaman, when contacted, stated that he only went to meet the Chief Minister in Shillong and talk but had not made any move to jump onto the NPP bandwagon.
“I have not moved from the AITC and had requested them to not post my photo on social media. However, someone just did and this has created a lot of confusion. I once again assert that I have not moved from AITC,” said the Shyamnagar MDC.
Stevie, however, could not be contacted for comment. Rumours have been afloat in GHADC circles of the CEM, Benedic, not being happy with the current NPP dispensation and may have even met AITC officials. He could not, however, be contacted for comment on this.
A source from the AITC, on the condition of anonymity, stated that the party may soon move to prove their majority in the GHADC though no specific time frame was suggested. They, at the time, stated that at least 15 MDCs were with them. Whether their calculation involved the Boldamgre MDC leaving the AITC was not specified.
“Only Stevie has left the AITC but not the other MDC (Zaman). We cannot comment on whether the two NPP MDCs (Dhormonath and Benedic) have quit or not,” said Williamnagar AITC MDC, Alphonsush Marak while also refusing to divulge whether a move to form the government in the GHADC would be taken up by them as of now.

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