The glum artificial turf on a gay event


SHILLONG, Jan 21: Amid the 50th Statehood Day revelry at JN Stadium on Friday, something that grabbed the eyeballs of select attendees was the artificial turf being subjected to potential damage due to precariously parked vehicles.
The sporting infrastructure worth Rs 5 crore was laid on the stadium in 2012.
For the official 50th Statehood Day function, the state government had constructed a massive stage, albeit temporarily, on the artificial turf.
Too add to that, the artificial turf not only bore the weight of the huge steel structure but also some vehicles that were seen parked on it.
During the event, even tyre marks of the vehicles, sadly, were seen in different patches of the artificial turf.
What was even more surprising was a crane being parked on the synthetic running track!

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