PwDs rue lack of proper transportation facilities

SHILONG, Feb 18: The persons with disabilities (PwDs) in the state capital have vented their agony over lack of proper transportation facilities by holding a signature campaign at Khyndai Lad.
The signature campaign was organised on Friday in collaboration with Barefoot Trust and Organisation of Person with Disabilities in a bid to make the government au courant with the plights of PwDs.
Khasi Disabilities Association president, Starwin Kharjana, during the signature campaign, informed that they are faced with several problems while accessing transport facilities.
Jitendra Dkhar, managing director of Blind Lead Trust Organization, which looks after visually-impaired people, said the government should figure out a way to provide better transportation facilities for PwDs.
“Demand for accessibility of transportation is an important issue and our demand is not only for persons with disability but for senior citizens, pregnant women and several others who face difficulty,” Dkhar said.
Many PwDs in the city, especially the visually impaired, have also flagged concern over many city areas lacking proper footpath potholes, coupled with presence of potholes, thereby posing risk for them.

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