AITC to strengthen base in Meghalaya, form govt in 2023: Mukul

Assam Trinamool Congress president Ripun Bora, AITC leaders Mahua Moitra, Sushmita Dev and Mukul Sangma along with new entrants to the party at a joining ceremony in Guwahati on Wednesday.

Guwahati, April 27: Former Meghalaya chief minister and All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) leader Mukul Sangma on Wednesday said the AITC’s strategy, going into the 2023 Assembly elections in Meghalaya, would be to stay connected with the people at the grassroots, be well prepared to take on the political parties in power and win the elections to provide an alternative government for the people of Meghalaya.

“Every political party will have their own strategy. The strategy for AITC Meghalaya would be to ensure that we are connected to the grassroots and to be well prepared to take on the political parties and overcome all hurdles and challenges….We need to win the elections and provide an alternative government in 2023 for the people of Meghalaya to usher into a new era of progress and prosperity,” Sangma said, while speaking on the sidelines of a joining programme of new members in Assam Trinamool Congress here.

The AITC Meghalaya leader further said the approach of AITC would be different from other political parties and that the plan in Meghalaya would be to lay a strong foundation which does not get uprooted notwithstanding the challenges

“Our approach, as the party’s name “Trinamool” suggests, would be to strengthen the party’s organisational base at the grassroots. We will ensure a bottom-up approach,” Sangma said.

Rubbishing reports about “his possibility of going back to the Congress”, he said that media houses need to go by actual indication as against fabricated news. “I would suggest that irrespective of what the rumour mongers are attempting, it is important for media houses to filter and to ensure that news carried by them also reflects their credibility.”

It may be mentioned that Sangma, along with Assam Trinamool Congress president Ripun Bora, AITC leaders Mahua Moitra and Sushmita Deb were present at the programme of the launch of AITC’s Assam chapter and joining of at least 60 new members (in the first phase), most of them from the Assam Congress.

Sangma further said that the AITC has been present in Tripura and Meghalaya and the launch of the Assam unit would provide a springboard and ensure a foothold of the party in the region.

“The new units will strengthen the resolve of this party to serve our beloved people and to fight against the forces that are dividing the nation to instill a sense of insecurity. AITC needs to ensure the inherent strength that we draw in this diverse nation from the perspective of inclusiveness and cohesiveness. Today we are laying a foundation to move forward collectively and show our responsibility of serving our people,” he said.

“Assam and Meghalaya and the rest of the Northeast states have our inherent strengths and challenges….there are complexities associated with the problems of the region. It is therefore very important for the leaders of different political parties to understand the complexities associated with the diversity that is an inherent part of the region,” he added.