There is acute crisis of human rights violation: Prof Raval in USTM seminar

Prof. K.C. Raval, Director, School of Law, Gujarat University addresses a seminar on Human Rights by USLR in USTM.

Guwahati, April 27: “There is an acute crisis of human rights violation even though we have all the means and mechanisms in place to contain the same. Misuse of power and the neglect of rule of law breeds violation of human rights,” said Prof. K.C. Raval, Director, School of Law, Gujarat University

“In administration of criminal justice system, a victim is a very important ingredient, but ultimately ignored in most cases. Misinterpretation causes confusion and violators often get away claiming their own individual rights to do so”, he added.

Addressing a national seminar for ‘Skill Development on Human Rights in Contemporary Era and Role of State in Protection and Promotion of Child Rights, Human Rights Challenges and Role of Civil Society’ organized here yesterday by the University School of Law and Research, USTM, Prof. K.C. Raval further spoke about ‘Protection & Promotion of Child Rights’.

He said that a child is the base of the society, and a base requires to be strong to develop the other areas. While speaking on human rights challenges and role of civil society, Prof. Raval said that discharging one’s duties gives the rights to another.

He was a key resource person of the technical sessions and the Chief Guest during the inaugural session of the seminar.

The inaugural session was also graced by Prof. G.D. Sharma, Vice Chancellor, USTM, Dr. R.K. Sharma, Advisor, USTM and Dr. Baharul Islam, Dean, USLR, apart from others.

Extending his presidential address, Prof. G.D. Sharma highlighted the violation of human rights around the world and how UN is yet unable to take action, which indicates how powerful, whether states or persons in is still not allowing this world to live peacefully.

During his session, Prof. Subham Rajkhowa from USLR said that all organizations which work for people are nothing but human rights organisations.

He mentioned about the instruments such as ICCPR, ICESCR, and judicial international bodies like the ICJ and highlighted some of their procedures and functions. He also discussed the Ukraine war and the polarising positions of other countries regarding it. He took questions from the students and interacted with the students.