Isha Koppikar says mother’s heart is child’s classroom

Mumbai, May 8 : Actress Isha Koppikar, who was recently seen in the webseries ‘Dahanam’ and is also a mother, recently shared her feeling on Mother’s Day. She feels that every child acquires the greatest learning from their mother’s heart as it teaches them love, compassion and empathy.

Talking about the importance of mother in a child’s life, Isha said, “While a mother gives her everything to the child, the most important thing she gives is her legacy and good values. One thing that has been running as a legacy through every generation of women, from my grandma to my mom to me and now to my daughter is love and affection for all.”

She continued, “We pay extreme attention towards family values and every child in the family is brought up with values embedded in their hearts. Children learn mostly from observation. When they say an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I wish that it is for the right reasons when it comes to me and my daughter as well as my mother and me. As I have always said, I feel a mother’s heart is a child’s classroom.”

She opines that Mother’s day is beyond superficial celebrations and finds its true meaning in gaining awareness, “Whatever the child learns emotionally, mentally is through the mother. And this is the legacy, what I have given my daughter and what I have learned through mine. Mother’s day is not just a superficial celebration but rather a good opportunity for awareness, for bringing to attention the love, the sacrifice and the dedication of all mothers.”(IANS)

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