Damaged in 2014, NGH school yet to be repaired

Resubelpara, May 13: The condition of the Bangsi Apal LP School near Dainadubi in North Garo Hills is hard to describe. If one can imagine the most ramshackle structure and still feel there is scope for it worsening, you would get close to what the school currently resembles.

The school, with four teachers and quite a number of students, was destroyed in the massive floods that hit Garo Hills in 2014, during the tenure of the then Congress-led government. During the cyclonic storm that followed, the roof of the school was blown off as well as a few doors and windows unhinged. What has followed since then is nothing short of an absolute fracas.

“We informed the then deputy commissioner of the damage to the school but received no funds to renovate or improve the structure. The rooms were badly damaged (pictures and videos attached) and it was not possible for children to be educated in such a structure. Thankfully the SSA section is still functional and we are cramping the children in the limited rooms we have,” said one of the teachers.

The earlier school building had to be abandoned with the abandonment leading to the school being completely gutted. The extent of the damage is such that even cowsheds appear heavenly in comparison.

“At least 3-4 complaints have been sent to various education authorities seeking funds to repair the damage done to the school but there has been no response from anyone. We even raised the matter with the chief minister, Conrad Sangma in 2019 but have been left disappointed. The school and the children continue to suffer,” informed president of Dainadubi Youth Circle Organization (DCYO), GIlsang D Shira.

The sad state of the school came to the fore after Shira raised the matter on social media, finally prompting a response from school authorities.

“A proposal for school has been sent to the education authorities and we are hopeful of a positive response,” said a highly placed source from the NGH education office.

Meanwhile, social worker Digross D Shira, who also paid a visit to the school, has appealed to the state government to look into the situation and ensure the children’s education did not suffer.

“This sort of negligence cannot be the way forward for our state. We cannot afford such lapses if we want to prioritize education. We urge the government to look into this matter,” said Digross after a joint visit to the school today, May 1.


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