Bernard dares Conrad for open debate on corruption

Tura, May 26: Making strong allegations against the MDA government of indulging in corruption and other scams, BJP MDC from Tura Bernard N Marak on Thursday dared Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma for an open debate on the issue and the need to call in the CBI.

“Let’s debate on Corruption issues and the need to conduct CBI inquiry into various scams raised by BJP. BJP is not in MDA to profit from the scams but to voice against it. Accept the challenge and prove your stand. BJP will not stop to raise corruption issues. CM Conrad Sangma should prove publicly why he says  “No” to CBI inquiry,” Bernard said.

Asserting that BJP was not a corrupt party, Bernard said that schemes designed under the BJP are people oriented and mostly meant for the poor.

“Today, our coalition partners are looting the poor with their lies. Enough of scams!. We gave them time to reform but all we see are scams. We want all regional parties and other constituent allies to choose good governance over corruption,” the Tura MDC said.

According to Bernard, he was treated as an opposition in the GHADC. He, however, firmly stated that there would be no compromise on corruption and that debating to prove a point was justified. He added that as NPP treated BJP as opposition in Garo Hills, it has no coalition with BJP.

Reacting to Chief Minister Conrad Sangma’s statement that ‘BJP was free to withdraw support for MDA’, Bernard said that it was nothing but cheap politics.

“Money and power is not everything in politics, good leadership is.  Sidelining many MLAs from Garo Hills proves they don’t care for the people of their constituencies. Tura, after BJP winning the MDC seat is targeted by depriving the basic needs of the people and creating fear psychosis through evictions. They should give a chance to other MLAs from Garo Hills so that they can provide the basics to their people,” the Tura MDC said.

Asserting that the party’s campaign against corruption would continue, Bernard urged like minded parties to come forward and draw a new roadmap for the state and its people, unlike the NPP which he claimed is looting even the poorest of beneficiaries.




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