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The Dorbar Shnong Lawsohtun has clarified that none of the attackers in the recent assault of a 15-year-old boy in Lumparing belong to the locality. In a statement, the Dorbar has contended that the statement made by the victim’s sister on social media is baseless and misleading. Stating that the social media post has put Lawsohtun in bad light, the Dorbar has urged the victim’s sister to issue an apology.

Sngap Syiem College Mawkyrwat, on Wednesday, launched its first-ever quarterly newsletter ‘The Sngap Syiem College Newsletter’. Assistant Professor of Sngap Syiem College, Pynkmenlang Pyngrope, said that the newsletter was launched by PHE Minister Renikton L Tongkhar in the presence of MDC of Mawkyrwat Carness Sohshang, president of the college’s governing body, Dr KD Ramsiej, vice president Rev Dr SI Iawphniaw, in-charge principal, Dr KK Nongsiej, besides the college staff and students.

The Second Statutory Conference of the Meghalaya Retired College Teachers Association (MRCTA) will be held at Women’s College, Shillong, from 11.00 am on Saturday. Prof. B Parthasarathy, general secretary of All India Retired University and College Teachers’ Organisations will attend the conference. The MRCTA has urged all the retired college teachers of Meghalaya to attend the meeting.

The Synjuk Ki Khynthei Katholik, Shillong Archdiocese, has condemned the recent killing of two minors by their father. In a statement, the SKKSA said that the incident, after coming to the light, shook everyone to the core. The Synjuk Ki Khynthei Katholik has also offered its condolences to the bereaved family.

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