Govt launches Phase-II of beautification project

By Our Reporter

SHILLONG, June 15: The much-vaunted initiative of the Tourism department — Locality Beautification and Enhancement Competition — has embarked on its second phase with sanction letters being handed out to representatives of the 23 localities that have applied for various works under the Phase-II of the programme such as painting and cleaning works, wall art, installation of signage, plantations, street furniture, etc.
The Phase-II was launched at the office of the Deputy Commissioner, East Khasi Hills here on Tuesday.
Participating localities were briefed on the activities to be taken up, besides the inputs, learnings and feedback that the office has obtained from the first set of participating localities were also shared with them.
According to a statement, for both phases, prizes to the tune of Rs 10 lakh will be awarded to best localities along with additional prizes for best artists and innovations on different criteria — Aesthetics, Cleanliness, Public Amenities, Community Market Area, Safety and Security and Sustainability.
Key areas of evaluation are creativity, innovations applied, and social impact.
Popular vote will also be part of the evaluation process.
It was also informed that with regard to the first phase, a majority of the participating localities have completed the works and submitted their respective reports.
Funds in entirety have been released to such localities, as per the statement of the office of the East Khasi Hill sDC.
“34 localities had participated and a great number of innovative works were taken up which have led to an overall improvement of community spaces in terms of safety, cleanliness, environmental consciousness, aesthetics and overall appeal,” the DC said, while adding that exemplary execution of the works was displayed by many of the localities and active participation of youth, women and local talents was also observed.

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