AITC slams govt for ‘weak handling’ of law and order

SHILLONG, June 26: The All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) on Sunday criticised the state government for its “weak handling” of law and order.
At the same time, it said the Police department has not been able to effectively discharge its duties due to manpower crisis.
AITC Chief Whip, George B Lyngdoh said the recent attacks carried out by the miscreants in broad daylight in different areas of Shillong indicate the rise in incidents of crime. He said they also indicate that people are now not much afraid of the law.
He was reacting to Friday’s attacks on two interns from Kerala, a traffic police personnel and a Swiggy delivery boy by bike-borne miscreants who are yet to be identified.
According to Lyngdoh, the miscreants are taking advantage of inadequate manpower in the police force and its lack of monitoring and supervision of the city areas.
The AITC leader said the government had spent a huge amount in installing CCTVs at various strategic locations but most of them are not functioning. He said this is the reason why the miscreants, who vandalised and looted shops, could not be identified.
The recent incidents of targeted assault, especially on non-tribals, in certain areas of Shillong caused a sense of fear and insecurity among the citizens.

Malayalee body condemns attack
The All India Malayalee Association of Meghalaya, which is one of the 27 such units across the country, held an emergency meeting of its executive committee in view of rumours which have been spreading about the assault of the two students at Jaiaw.
The committee expressed concern at the incident and condemned the act. It expressed hope that the assurances of the Home Minister and the Director-General of Police are fulfilled and the law will take its course.
The committee urged students in the southern states that the incident on Friday was an isolated one and that the committee has taken necessary steps for the safe return of the two interns.

TUR condemns attacks
The Thma U Rangli Juki (TUR) condemned the incidents. It appreciated those who condemned the attacks and said most citizens of the state do not condone such criminal and “communal” acts.
The TUR said the targeted attacks on non-local workers, medical representatives, vendors, construction workers, delivery boys and others, which happened in the recent past, created a feeling of insecurity among the citizens of Shillong.
It demanded a thorough investigation into the incidents and prosecution of the criminals for bringing a bad name to the state.
“TUR acknowledges the anxiety that small tribes face about losing their culture, identity and livelihood but this anxiety cannot be removed by such criminality. Protection offered by the Indian Constitution for indigenous community is not in any way opposed to the rights of peace and security that non-indigenous people and workers are supposed to enjoy in our state,” TUR said in a statement.
“It is worrying that laws that offer protection for the life, land and livelihood of the indigenous people are being weakened by indigenous elites for their self-aggrandizing capitalist greed,” the statement said.
The TUR said it believes that a developed society is one where minorities, ethnic, religious and of other identities feel secure and are able to contribute to the development of the society as a whole.
It appealed to the Dorbar Shnongs where the incidents occurred to actively seek justice for the victims and work towards creating an inclusive culture of peace.

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