Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Cantonment Board conducts eviction drive in Jhalupara


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SHILLONG, July 18: In a surprise move, the Shillong Cantonment Board (SCB) on Monday conducted an eviction drive in the Cantonment area in Jhalupara. Over 40 houses and shops, deemed illegal, were dismantled in the drive conducted with the help of JCBs in the presence of magistrates and scores of police personnel.
As soon as the eviction drive began in the Kath Godown area under the Cantonment Board in Jhalupara, the settlers confronted SCB officials arguing that they were being forcefully evicted without any notice being served on them.
SCB officials were silent on the eviction drive and attempts to reach out to the chief executive officer failed. Some SCB officials said the CEO was not in town.
The evicted residents lamented that they had been staying in the area for years but the SCB authorities demolished their houses and shops on Monday without any notice.
They said they had been earning their livelihood in the area and the eviction drive rendered them homeless and without any income.
On the other hand, residents of Jhalupara and Mawbah welcomed the eviction saying the area had turned into a den of criminals who were peddling drugs and liquor.
A source told The Shillong Times that the eviction drive was conducted as part of an anti-drug campaign.
The source said a drone survey had been conducted on Saturday to zero in on those dealing in drugs.
The information could not be verified as the magistrates, police and SCB officials were tightlipped over the matter.

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