More skeletons tumble out of Garo Hills education sector

Tura, Sep 7: If you thought the recent cases in Jalwagre Songgital and Balkal Asim were one off cases, there is disappointment in store as  skeletons continue to tumble out of the education cupboard in Garo Hills.

Sarbha Marak is a resident of Dalu, after an appeal on social media to highlight poor educational infrastructure, provided the details of two schools under the same C&RD block, which currently resemble pig sties instead of educational institutes.

As per local sources, the schools of Thekmanpara, which has about 35 students and another Tekpara with 95 students, where children can be seen studying sans roofs. Water pooling inside the classroom through the leaking thatched roof have become a common sight for the students and teachers with even the benches being drenched by the rains along with the children, just in order to get an education.

“This has been the case since the past year. The school authorities had informed the education department in West Garo Hills (WGH) about the situation but despite their appeals nothing has come of it.

The condition of the Tekpara School is even more prolonged as it has been 4 years since the school was faced with a deteriorating infrastructure. Various attempts by the school authorities drew a blank and the school and its occupants remain in the same abject state. Despite this, children and teachers have been regular in their attendance showing their eagerness towards education.

These two schools are the tip of an ever enlarging iceberg in the education sector in Garo Hills.

“These children and teachers are showing that they understand the worth of education. However state and school authorities have really let them down. In no other state in the country is education neglected in this way as it is in our state”, added Sarbha.

Meanwhile activist Maxbirth G Momin questioned the government on its promise of prioritizing education.

“If this is how education is prioritized then the education survey showing our state at the bottom of the spectrum cannot be wrong. Everyone is responsible for this, the education department, especially the inspectors need to answer for how things stand in Garo Hills. They are also responsible for the poor performance of Garo Hills in the various state exams. How shameful are these scenes”, stated Maxbirth.

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