Shillong Jottings

Shillong Jottings

The privileged lot
It was a normal day on Thursday last for residents of Zig Zag and Rilbong. Residents of these localities were gearing up for a hectic few days ahead of them with the autumn session of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly scheduled to begin the next day.
Suddenly a transformer situated close to the temporary Assembly annexe went off in the late afternoon. By nightfall, the area had plunged into darkness. Frantic residents called up the MeECL office and whoever else they knew.
Suddenly, one MeECL vehicle arrives in the locality carrying a transformer and the electricians got busy. A few moments later, the power was back much to the relief of the residents.
All this might seem a routine affair and nothing to write home about. The MeECL and its staff did exactly what they are mandated to do and the Assembly proceeding began on Friday without any hiccup, the members oblivious to the events that had unfolded the previous evening.
But why are we talking about such a minor incident. Minor, we say, for this happened in the heart of the city and MeECL employees raced against time to get the new transformer connected before our lawmakers even got a whiff of it.
Thank you MeECL for attending to the privileged lot with promptness and enthusiasm! How we wish you do the same when a transformer in some remote and unprivileged village goes kaput and the villagers and not made to wait for months to get a new transformer.

This mural outside a store near St. Edmund’s School in the city conveys a curious but meaningful message. Interestingly, this picture was taken by an SJ team member from inside a vehicle while the vehicle was stuck in a traffic jam. (ST)