34 MDCs will be among Assembly election candidates

SHILLONG/TURA/JOWAI, Jan 23: Thirty-four sitting members of the three autonomous district councils of the state will be among the candidates of the February 27 Assembly elections.

KHADC office building

It is a tradition in Meghalaya that the MDCs contest Assembly elections to become MLAs or ministers, so no wonders that so many of them will be in the fray.
The KHADC tops the chart. Nineteen MDCs of the council will contest the polls, followed by eight from the GHADC and seven from the JHADC.
The post of an MDC is viewed as a stepping stone for the politicians for a future career as an MLA or a minister.
KHADC Chief Executive Member and Sohra MDC Titosstarwell Chyne will contest from Sohra while Opposition leader PN Syiem will be the Congress candidate in the Pynthorumkhrah seat. Chyne is a former MLA who represented the Sohra constituency from 2013 to 2018. He had lost the 2018 polls to Gavin Miguel Mylliem of the PDF.
Syiem too is a former Mawsynram MLA. He had lost the last election to former MLA Himalaya Shangpliang. The leader of opposition in the KHADC had won the district council elections in 2018 from Mawkhar-Pynthorumkhrah.


The UDP MDCs, who are set to contest the upcoming election, include Paul Lyngdoh (West Shillong), Mitchell Wankhar (Mylliem), Pius Marwein (he is Ranikor MLA as well as MDC) and nominated member Bindo Mathew Lanong (Nongkrem), who will be an independent candidate.
Apart from Marwein, the other MLAs and MDCs contesting the polls include Gigur Myrthong (Mawshynrut) and Pyniaid Sing Syiem (Mawryngkneng). Both are contesting on the tickets of the NPP.
The Congress MDCs contesting are Ronnie V Lyngdoh (Mylliem), Charles Marngar (Mawhati), Carness Sohshang (Mawkyrwat), Gabriel Wahlang (Nongstoin) and Batskhem Ryntathiang (Mairang).
Some NPP MDCs planning to contest include Grace Mary Kharpuri (Shella), Teiborlang Pathaw (Mawlai), KHADC Deputy Chairman Alvin Sawkmie (Mawsynram) and Macdalyne S Mawlong (Nongpoh).
Veteran politician Martle N Mukhim will contest from Mawkynrew on the HSPSP’s ticket while sitting MDC and former MLA, Lambor Malngiang will contest from Nongkrem on the ticket of the UDP.


In the JHADC, Mynsngad-Khanduli MDC Dawan Lyngdoh will contest from Nartiang on the UDP’s ticket while Nangbah MDC Lakhon Biam will contest from Raliang on a BJP ticket.
Three MDCs contesting from the Raliang constituency are J Treilang Suchiang, Robinus Syngkon and Richard Sing Lyngdoh. Suchiang will contest as a UDP candidate, Syngkon as a TMC candidate and Lyngdoh as a Congress candidate.
Further, MDCs Habahun Dkhar will contest from Mookaiaw on an NPP ticket and A Andrew Shullai from Jowai on a ticket of the TMC.
Former MDCs from the JHADC, who will be in the fray, include Moonlight Pariat (Jowai), Shemhok Garod (Raliang) and former MLA Stephenson Mukhim (Amlarem). Pariat will contest on a UDP ticket, Garod on a PDF ticket and Mukhim on an NPP ticket.
Two NPP MDCs in the GHADC contesting are Rakesh A Sangma (Gambegre) and Nathwal Arbinstone Marak (Selsella).
TMC MDCs in the GHADC contesting include Rinaldo K Sangma (Resubelpara), Alphonsush Marak (Williamnagar), Agassi Marak (Selsella) and Sadhiarani Sangma (Gambegre).
UDP MDC Ashahel D Shira will contest from Rajabala and NPP MDC Nathwal Marak from Baghmara but as an independent candidate.

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