AI will impact jobs across the world: Zerodha CEO


Shillong, May 15: Many people worry that the job loss may expand in the upcoming months as generative AI technologies like ChatGPT and Bard continue to become more widely used.

A few of CEOs of internet companies have guaranteed that the most recent AI tools may be an enabler and that users will need to adjust.

Nithin Kamath, CEO of online investment platform Zerodha, claims that his organisation would not “fire anyone” just because they have “implemented a new piece of technology that makes an earlier job redundant.”

This statement is made in the midst of widespread layoffs. The CEO of Zerodha is still wary of technology, though, and hopes that governments all around the world would erect some barriers to prevent it from taking some jobs away from people.

In a series of tweets, Kamath discussed AI in relation to Zerodha. He asserts that people are experiencing “AI/job loss anxiety” as a result of the increasing use of ChatGPT, Bing, and Bard. Although the CEO of Zerodha claims that AI won’t affect his employees, he expresses concern that emerging technologies “can disrupt society and take away jobs.”

He said, “Many companies will likely let go of employees and blame it on AI. In the process, companies will earn more and make their shareholders wealthier, worsening wealth inequality. This isn’t a good outcome for humanity”.