Complaint against Tura post office  


Tura, May 23: The Dakopgre Post Office in Tura has come under a scanner after it failed to deliver a parcel meant for a certain citizen and sent it back, leading to a complaint being filed against the office and its employees to the Head Post Master of the Head Office in the same town.

The complaint was made on Monday by FKJGP President Pritam Arengh in which he narrated the alleged inconvenience and injustice caused by the employees of the Dakopgre Post Office and urged the concerned official to rectify the injustice done to him.

“Somewhere between May 8 and 10, I received a phone call from the Dakopgre Post Office informing me to collect a parcel which was delivered against my Name and Address from the Dakopgre Post Office. On enquiring as to why the parcel was not delivered to my house, they replied that there was no Postman to deliver the parcel to my doorstep. I did not give much thought to the reply, and after a few days went to collect the parcel from the post office on May 15. However, when I asked for my parcel the employees at the Post Office told me that my parcel had been sent back because I was late to collect the parcel. When I asked why the parcel was sent back without my consent, they failed to answer me. This sequence of events has frustrated me very much,” Arengh said, in his complaint.

Following his experience, Arengh is said to have enquired from other residents of Dakopgre whether their parcels are delivered to their homes on not to which, they replied that they are never delivered but has to be taken from the post office in person.

Arengh, in his complaint, demanded to know if a post office can operate without a postman or if the employees were lying to the public and neglecting their duties. He also questioned if a post office is allowed to sent back a parcel without informing the recipient. Arengh also urged that the parcel meant for him, which was sent back by the office, be traced.