Karnataka: Four arrested in brutal assault on Dalit man tied to electric pole


Shillong, September 15: Four individuals have been apprehended in connection with a vicious attack on a Dalit man in Karnataka’s Haveri district.

As per IANS, the victim, identified as Ramappa Harijana, was brutally beaten and tied to an electric pole in the Mooka Basarikatti village. The arrests include Rabbani Rajasabanavar, Zaheer Ahmad Savanuru, Modinasaab, Ahmad Saab, and Rajesabanavar.

The assault stemmed from an accusation that Ramappa had severed a cable wire of a dish antenna in the area, which had actually been cut by Karnataka Electricity Company (KEB) staff while trimming tree branches. The suspects assumed Ramappa was responsible, leading to the violent attack, which unfolded in full public view in the village.

This incident has drawn condemnation from Dalit organizations, who are demanding the arrest of the accused. Shiggaov police, who initiated a case in response, have arrested the individuals involved and placed them in judicial custody. Investigations into the matter are ongoing.


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