Mumbai humbled 0-2 in AFC Champions League opener


PUNE, Sep 18: Mumbai City, which became the first Indian club to win a match in the Champions League last season started their campaign here with a 2-0 defeat to Nassaji Mazandaran. The Iranian club made their debut in the prestigious AFC competition after winning the Hazfi Cup in 2022.
However, after spending years sulking in the second division, they only finally made it to the top tier of the nation in 2018.
Nassaji scored in the 34th minute of the game, when Zamehran won the ball in front of the box, turned and thread a pass to Ehsan Hosseini on his left. the defender ran past Bheke and shot into the net to give Nassaji Mazandaran the lead.
Before the halftime whistle, Bipin Singh nearly scored. Chhangte carried the ball in the final third where he crossed the ball from the right to the left for Bipin Singh, whose shot went just off-target. It was a chance for the hosts to equalis.
Azadi doubled the lead in the 62nd minute when Mahmoud Ghaed Rahmati won the ball in the final third, crossed to Azadi, who slotted it in to double the lead for the visitors.
He then celebrated with a Ronaldo celebration popularly called the ‘Siu’.
Mumbai next play Uzbek side Navabahor away on the 3rd of October. (Agencies)


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