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Fashion society aims to bring out the true essence of women


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By Our Reporter

SHILLONG, Dec 2: Fashion Society Shillong (FSS) that successfully nurtured and trained a diverse group of women, each with a unique story, to clinch titles in various beauty pageants held throughout the year, in the city, brought in all the winners to share in their experiences, on Saturday.
From mothers juggling family and pageantry to a 17-year-old student, a shy introvert, and a once-lacking-confidence young woman, these women emerged victorious in Mrs North East India 2023, Miss Supermom 2023, Miss Shillong 2023, Miss Cherry Blossom 2023, and Best Traditional Model.
FSS Chairman, Aldous Mawlong, emphasized the society’s commitment to showcasing the true essence of womanhood.
Breaking stereotypes, he stated, “Stereotype means you look at just the skin or the height or the outer appearance, but then it goes beyond that – it’s where brains, character, empathy, and sympathy play a role.”
Mawlong highlighted FSS’s dedication to diversity by organising pageants like ‘Small is Beautiful’ and ‘Mrs Shillong,’ promising a surprise for the city in the upcoming year.
Established in 1983, FSS goes beyond runway and dressing, focusing on personality development to prepare girls for success outside the glamour world.
Genevieve Pala, Miss Supermom 2023, expressed gratitude for the platform provided to single moms, emphasizing the responsibility that accompanies the crown.
Evangel Lartang, another Miss Supermom 2023 participant, shared a similar sentiment. She went on to win the Mrs. Northeast India 2023.
Explaining the idea behind hosting Miss Supermom for the first time on the 40th anniversary of the society, Mawlong added that it aimed to give a platform to women who may have given up on their dreams but not their spirit.
Miss Shillong 2023, Chaivalry Lartang, declared that her victory is a
message for women, especially those who identify as shy introverts, that the sky is indeed the limit.
Jollyne Lyngdoh, crowned Miss Cherry Blossom, echoed this sentiment, expressing newfound confidence that she hopes to inspire in others.
The title of Miss Traditional went to 17-year-old Hazel Mukhim, who shared her joy in winning something meaningful for walking in her traditional Dhara.
Expressing her aspirations to become a full-time model, Hazel’s elder counterparts unanimously agreed that the victory is just the beginning for her.
Adding that the society will not shy away from grooming women for national and international beauty pageants given that there’s funds available, said that we are here just to instill a sense of confidence in the women of the state.


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