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Bobby Deol: It’s amazing how much love the Deols are getting
With his brother Sunny Deol’s success in ‘Gadar 2’, his father-veteran actor Dharmendra getting so much love even today, and his hardwork in the latest release ‘Animal’ being highly appreciated, actor Bobby Deol says it is amazing how much love the Deols are getting. Talking about his physique in ‘Animal’, Bobby told IANS: “It is not easy to be fit and really you have to put in a lot of hours into fitness so it feels nice that my hard work has paid off.”He added: “I feel that God has been really kind to me and my family. My brother’s success, my dad, he got so much love and my film came out and it is amazing how much love the Deols are getting. It’s just amazing.”IANS)


Cher lost millions from chart-topping single Believe after dumb error
Music legend Cher admitted she lost millions from her chart-topping single ‘Believe’ after making a “stupid” error. The music icon released the electro-pop tune back in 1998, and it topped the charts in over 23 countries, and sold over 11 million copies, The song also won a Grammy, and is one of Cher’s best-selling records to date, but she revealed she made a big mistake when recording the track. “You can’t even imagine — about 30 people wrote on it. And I wrote it and was so stupid — I didn’t even ask to get a writer’s credit! I wrote, ‘I’ve had time to think it through, and maybe I’m too good for you,” she told Vernon. “I could have gotten a lot of money,” she lamented. Cher revealed she walked out of the studio while recording the track, as her vocals were criticised by producers. “The verse was so bad. I couldn’t make it good. I got into a big fight with Mark (Taylor, producer), and Mark kept saying, ‘You’ve got to sing it better.’ ‘If you want it sung better, get somebody else,’ and I walked out,” she explained. (IANS)


Khushi Kapoor: I don’t think there are rules in fashion
Actress Khushi Kapoor, who is set to make her acting debut in the movie ‘The Archies’ has shared her go-to fashion mantra, saying she thinks there are no rules in fashion. Khushi has emerged as an inspiration to the younger generation as she advocates a self-assured approach to personal style. Speaking of her “go to fashion” mantra, Khushi revealed: “I don’t think there are rules in fashion. I think if you look good in something and like wearing it, you should completely own it. I also feel that confidence can elevate any outfit and do whatever makes you feel good.”(IANS)


Ozzy Osbourne celebrates 75th birthday with family
Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne celebrated his 75th birthday with a wholesome family party.Daughter Kelly Osbourne revealed that Ozzy, who has to use a wheelchair and a walker these days after having four operations on his back following accidents, “kept it low key” as he marked the milestone surrounded by his loved ones, reports Mirror.co.uk. In an intimate photo from the special day, Ozzy was pictured cuddling his grandson Sidney, Kelly’s one-year-old with Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson.As per Mirror.co.uk, his wife Sharon Osbourne placed a protective hand on Ozzy’s wheelchair as she smiled at the camera behind him. Kelly and partner Sidney were also in the candid family shot, as well as her brother Jack, his wife Lisa Stelly and their kids. (IANS)


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