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Appeal for safety


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The ongoing repair of the Umiam Bridge marks a significant milestone for our state, and promises enhanced transportation infrastructure. However, with it comes the responsibility to ensure the safety and longevity of the structure. It has come to our attention that some vehicles, including double-decker buses, are standing on the bridge during construction. Hence we urge the concerned authorities to address this issue promptly.
While we celebrate the advancements in our local infrastructure, it is crucial to consider the potential risks associated with the current practices on the Umaim Bridge. The plea is simple: prevent vehicles, especially double-decker buses, from standing on the bridge when one side is open for regular traffic. This precaution is vital to safeguard the integrity of the bridge and minimize stress on its structure.
Yours etc.,
A Sarki

Christmas a tool for Politics & commercialisation
As I walked the streets I noticed extravagant lights and decorations, people risking their health and lives trying to see these lights, posing in front of them, causing traffic jams etc.
I have no problem whatsoever with this, yet, I feel as if all this is just a cover up to make up for the fact that roads aren’t being built, people aren’t being paid, jobs aren’t being given out schemes are being stored away, work is not being done. I call it a tool for politics because this shows how blind we can get.
Instead of being fooled by the splendour of the so called Christmas spirit of the people and the government who are in charge of decorating the streets with such lights, don’t you think we should be asking the question how come for all this there is money to pay for the electricity yet there is no money to pay the people and to provide proper electricity to us the people?
My cousin told me it doesn’t feel like Christmas this year and I felt that she was right Christmas is being used commercially to attract money and sure there is nothing wrong with that; it’s just we’re losing sight of the real thing, the real reason why we celebrate Christmas.
We are so involved with all the latest trends and commercialization of the simple things that we don’t seem to understand how precious moments are, how people are affected by all this. All we see are lights and decorations but can’t we see the how and the why?
Children went for carolling on a bus and got stuck in traffic for hours, People are getting sick in the traffic jams in the winter cold. People are drinking and driving causing accidents and embarrassment and harassment on the roads and yet none of this matters? We’re absolutely fine with having bright lights everywhere throughout the night and not having lights during working hours, during the winter cold and during the rains?
We are not getting paid because funds are being diverted to booze, drugs and other distractions.
Hey I’m not saying having festivals and lights and beauty and splendour is a bad thing. We need them but we also need to think about the coming year; the loadshedding in the middle of the day and throughout the nights, the people who aren’t getting paid, the roads, the people and the environment and most importantly the health, wealth and prosperity of the residents of Meghalaya especially in a place like Shillong where alcohol and drug addiction is spreading like wildfire.
I end my letter by saying I have nothing against anything but I do wish we could see more work getting done for public good than just distractions and excuses.
Yours etc.,
Shailin H Lyngdoh
Shillong – 11

Unhygienic public toilets
This is about the dirty, unhygienic and unclean public toilets at petrol pump stations. They are in a very pathetic condition where one has to hold their breath and close their eyes while using one. It’s important to note that unhygienic public toilets can pose a serious health risk, especially for women. Inadequate sanitation facilities can lead to Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) and other health issues. Therefore, I would like to request the concerned authorities to look into the matter and to ensure that public toilets are maintained with proper sanitation standards.
Yours etc,
A. Blah

Another Yatra by Rahul Gandhi
It is good news that after deep reflection The Congress party has ultimately declared that Rahul Gandhi will start the Nyaya Yatra from January 14 to March 20 covering a distance of 6200 km and the yatra will pass through 14 states and 85 districts. This step will be helpful for the Congress party in particular and for the Indian democratic process in general. The country had already seen such type of long marches which I quote below:
The Rath yatra by LK Advani and Cycle yatra by Akhilesh Yadav in Uttar Pradesh as well as Narmada yatra by Digvijay Singh in Madhya Pradesh and Kanyakumari to Delhi yatra by Chandra Shekhar, It is a fact that all the above mentioned yatras proved successful for the party that organised it. Due to Advani’s Rath Yatra BJP captured power in states and the Centre .Akhilesh became the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh after completion of Cycle yatra. In Madhya Pradesh the Congress came to power after completion of Narmada yatra by Digvijay Singh.
The YSR Congress came to power after completion of the yatra in the state. Such yatras remain peaceful in general but it was only the Rath Yatra by LK Advani which created chaos and law and order situation in the entire country. It is an accepted fact that such yatras make democracy stronger as people from all sections participate in them.
In the previous bharat jodo yatra, Rahul Gandhi had developed as a mature politician and this was shared in Parliament too. However, there are two schools of thought that disagree on the timing of the yatra, but its actual impact will be visible after the Lok Sabha election results.
The Congress has to organize its functions are Nagpur which will be a big show by the party as claimed by the workers and this will gear up their workers. No doubt the Congress party lost in three states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh but the silver lining in the recent assembly elections is that the Congress got more combined votes than the BJP.
The I.N.D.I. ALLIANCE is dependent on the role of the Congress and Rahul has to participate to settle differences among the various parties. During the yatra it is expected that Rahul Gandhi will play an important role in the I.N.D.I.ALLIANCE.
But it’s a tough job ahead for the Congress to settle the issue of seat sharing as there are contradictions in many states such as Punjab, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh and there is great need for maturity to resolve the issue.
It is also expected from the Congress party that it sticks to its core issues of secularism and nationalism. The I.N.D.I.ALLIANCE should also clear its stand on the Ram Temple which will be inaugurated on Jan 22 by Modi as well as by RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat. The Communist Party declared that they would not join the function as they consider it a political function and not a religious one. Other constituents have to take their decision in this regard and also take into consideration the parliament elections. The I.N.D.I.ALLIANCE will have to clear its stand on Art 370 also.
Hopefully the citizens of this country will convey their good wishes for the long journey of Rahul Gandhi with the hope that this will strengthen democracy due to the participation of all citizens. Hope too that the roots of secularism will grow deeper.
Yours etc.,
Yash Pal Ralhan,
Via email


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