Monday, April 22, 2024

Amit Shah da·al A·dokona wenbaenga


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SHILLONG: Ma·mong Minister Amit Shah-ni a·dokona wenbaani somoio a·doko be·en pil·kugijagipa kamrang, jedake ILP gita dakgipa mamlarangni bidingo agangrikna gita A·dok BJP tarie dongsoenga.
Ma·mongni Home Minister, Bristibar attamchibara 3 bajimango sokbagen ine ka·dongsoenga. Ua January 19 tariko NEC plenary tom·aniko dakdilanggen.
“Chingni Minister-ko grongna gita chinga bi·enga aro uko grongna chol man·gen ineba ka·dongenga, uko grongani somoio bebean chinga a·doko be·en pil·na ma·kugija donchipenggipa kamrangni bidingo agangriken,” ine State BJP chief spokesperson, M Kharkrang aganaha.
Maidakgipa mamlarangni bidingo mongsongbate agangrikgen ine sing·on, ‘‘chingni agangriknasienggipa mamlarangni ILP-ba mingsa ong·gen, minggipinrangni giminde party office-o chanchirimgen,” Kharkrang aganaha.


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