Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Russia vetoes monitoring of UN sanctions against N Korea


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United Nations, March 28: Russia vetoed a UN resolution on Thursday in a move that effectively abolishes the monitoring by United Nations experts of UN sanctions against North Korea over its nuclear programme, though the sanctions themselves remain in place.
Russia’s vote sparked Western accusations that Moscow was acting to shield its weapons purchases from North Korea for use in its war against Ukraine, in violation of sanctions.
The vote in the 15-member council was 13 in favour, Russia against, and China abstaining. The Security Council resolution would have extended the mandate of the panel of experts for a year, but Russia’s veto will halt its operation. The UN sanctions against North Korea still remain in force.
Russia’s UN Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia told the council before the vote that Western nations are trying to “strangle” North Korea and that sanctions have proven “irrelevant” and “detached from reality” in reining in the country’s nuclear programme.
US Deputy Ambassador Robert Wood told the council after the vote that Russia’s veto was nothing more than “the attempt by one council member to silence the independent objective investigations” into North Korea’s sanctions violations.
He said Russia acted because “the panel began reporting in the last year on Russia’s blatant violations of the UN Security Council resolutions”.
Britain’s UN Ambassador Barbara Woodward said Russia’s veto follows arms deals between Russia and North Korea in violation of UN sanctions, including “the transfer of ballistic missiles, which Russia has then used in its illegal invasion of Ukraine since the early part of this year”. The Security Council imposed sanctions after North Korea’s first nuclear test explosion in 2006 and tightened them over the years in a total of 10 resolutions seeking – so far unsuccessfully – to cut funds and curb its nuclear and ballistic missile programmes.
The last sanctions resolution was adopted by the council in December 2017. China and Russia vetoed a US-sponsored resolution in May 2022 that would have imposed new sanctions over a spate of intercontinental ballistic missile launches.
The Security Council established a committee to monitor sanctions and the mandate for its panel of experts to investigate violations had been renewed for 14 years. (AP)


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