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Glen Powell says his dad and Matthew McConaughey had hilarious encounter


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Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey and Glen Powell’s dad are good friends but the start of their friendship has a story of its own.
Glen Powell, who was recently seen in Anyone but You, appeared on The Tonight Show, and revealed that his father, Glen Powell Sr., met McConaughey in a hilarious moment and the pair became best friends, reports People magazine.
After host Jimmy Fallon brought up that Powell is being inducted into the Austin Film Society Texas Film Hall of Fame in May, the conversation quickly transitioned to McConaughey, 54. A past inductee himself, “McConaughey is Texas”, as Powell put it.
“McConaughey and I are now pals”, Powell said before revealing that his “first time meeting” the movie star did not unfold the way he imagined it.
As per People, the Top Gun: Maverick star recalled the first time he and McConaughey crossed paths at a ranch in Bastrop, Texas, belonging to Dazed and Confused director Richard Linklater.
Powell’s father was with him at the time. “We’re taking a walk around the property,” Powell said, “and I say, ‘Hey, can we go to the library where we kind of rehearsed all that stuff?’ And (Linklater) goes, ‘You know, I think Matthew’s in there’.
“So I kind of open the door, and there’s this kind of sliver of light that hits this guy, and he’s like, ‘Hey, hey, whoa, whoa, hold on, hold on’,” the actor continued, doing a stellar impression of McConaughey that earned him a round of applause from Fallon and the audience. (ANI)


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