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VPP, NPP members clash in RB


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NONGPOH/ SHILLONG, April 8: Tensions flared in the election campaign for the Shillong Parliamentary seat in Umsning on Monday as supporters of the Voice of the People Party (VPP) clashed with National People’s Party (NPP) workers.
The confrontation erupted when VPP supporters chanted their party slogan, “Ha u Prah”, during a campaign rally led by NPP candidate Ampareen Lyngdoh. This incited verbal altercations between the two groups, escalating into violence as members from both camps engaged in physical altercations. Ampareen intervened, urging her supporters to disperse and prevent further escalation of the clashes.
Prompt intervention by law enforcement authorities helped quell the violence, averting further clashes between the rival parties’ supporters. Some people were detained for questioning at Umsning police station.
However this was not the end of the altercation as VPP supporters disrupted an election meeting of the NPP at Jaiaw Pdengshnong later in the evening.
As soon as the NPP meeting started, VPP supporters shouted “Ha u Prah” while moving about their two-wheelers.
They did not allow NPP state working president Hamletson Dohling to speak as they continuously chanted “Ha U Prah”.
Angered, NPP supporters tried to confront the VPP men but the elders and women present at the meeting pacified them.
The meeting was called off before Ampareen arrived at the scene.
NPP leader and KHADC CEM, Pyniaid Sing Syiem asked the police and election officials to arrest the VPP supporters for disturbing the NPP election meeting at Umsning.
Syiem stated that an organised group of the VPP infiltrated the NPP meeting in an attempt to create ruckus.
“Why are you displaying your cheap character and creating problems like this,” Syiem questioned the VPP.
He claimed that a “virus” from West Bengal has entered their mind.
“We should not allow such people to create a division among the Khasi community. If the VPP MLAs cannot speak in the Assembly why they are creating a problem here?” the KHADC CEM added.


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