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KJCLF urges voters to choose non-arrogant, honest leaders


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SHILLONG, April 12: The Khasi Jaintia Christian Leaders’ Forum (KJCLF) has urged citizens of the state to responsibly exercise their franchise on the polling day and to vote with a clear conscience, with courage and with the full knowledge that they dare to hope for something new and unusually refreshing.
“The Forum condemns acts of violence and hate and calls for a people’s representative who will hold true to his pledge to uphold the Constitution of India and in service to the people will contribute to a government which will be transparently free from corruption and administrative arrogance but to promote fraternal relationships among all citizens for emerging and developing together in peace and harmony,” KJCLF said in a statement issued on Friday.
The statement said it is the responsibility of every eligible voter to participate in the electoral processes of both state legislatures and Parliament in order to determine the future of the people and the nation through the governments that are formed and entrusted to serve the people.
“Parliamentary 2024 elections are here and now come with a wake-up call for the electorate to arise once more with clarity, courage and willpower to elect representatives to the Lok Sabha,” it said.  “In the State Legislative Assembly elections last year, the people of Meghalaya have indicated their choice against those who represent fundamentalism, intolerance, violence and other prejudices. However, it is sad to see that individuals who clamour for money, prestige and power have degraded themselves to the category of under-valued slaves when they offer themselves or are bought and purchased by political slave traders who barter with people and forked manifestoes as commodities in the market place,” the statement observed.
“Politicians and governments have become kleptocratic in their conduct. Corruption, crime, violence and vindictiveness abound. Prejudicial laws and ordinances are enacted, constitutional rights and privileges are deprived, intolerance and hatred are allowed to go unchecked,” it added.


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